ECONSULTING GROUP is an E-Business Service Provider (EBSP). our challenge is to help other companies use e-business technology to improve their operations. This involve tasks like the design, construction, Security, e-payment and operation of a company's Web site.
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A programming interface (application programming interface or API) is an interface provided by a computer program which allows programs to interact with each other. It is similar to a human-machine interaction which allows a man and a machine.

AFROPAY is a secured African platform for virtual payments which gives the possibility to Africans to buy, sell and receive payments online securely

It offers :

  •  Virtual and physical payment terminals
  • Paypal account recharges
  • Prepaid debit mastercards and non rechargeable virtual visa cards
  • Personal shopper services
  • Afrocards

You can withdraw your money by :

  •  Simply send an email to as main object : withdraw money in cash and the department concerned will contact you
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal

You can fund you Afropay account by:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Cashu
  • Ukash
  • Bank deposit
  • Bank transfer
  • Express transfer
  • Mobile money
  • Through a certified distributor

It has a validity of 2 years

The advantages are that you will have to use virtual POS, physical POS and secure transfers.You will also be able to use the Afrocard , Afro transfers, rechargeable Afrocards

On the home page, go to "register" (sign up) and let yourself be guided by the instructions
Fill the form that appears. Your identifier should have a minimum of four letter
Put your e-mail. There you will receive important administrative notes. It will help you to secure your profile and prevent fraud. This step is required for your registration.
Fill in your name, password and ensure that the two passwords are identical.
your local currency FCFA example for Cameroon and country of residence
Enter your phone number
You will receive a summary of all your previous information check and click send
we will send you a security code by sms and e mail to activate your account, enter the activation code then validate. You can then access your account and enjoy all the services of Afropay.

The e-mail sent by Afropay can be passed to your spam folder. We advise you to add Afropay in the list of allowed senders. If this is not the case, your registration may not be completed. Then please contact the Information Afropay


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